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Title: Adam and Eve Puzzle

Description:Adam and Eve have been separated in paradise and are in a hurry to be reunited. Help them find their way to each other in this fun addictive puzzle. Click on Spielen to start the game and to get Adam to Eve quickly. Solve each level in a hurry because the quicker you solve each level the bigger your level bonus will be. Push blocks and boulders around do get through obstacles; roll the boulders over snakes to keep from being bitten. If you get bit you die and get your angel wings and have to start the level all over again. Pick up candy bars along the way for extra points. You must use strategy and logic to solve the puzzle and advance through the levels to the end. If you get stuck in any level use the button on the bottom left to start the level over but you will lose a life doing so.

Rating: 3.54 [Rate]

Adam and Eve Puzzle

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