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Title: Bubble-Struggle

Description:Bubble Struggle is one of the games in a series of bubble games if you have played Bubble Trouble then you are familiar with the game. The goal of the game is to pop all the bubbles through all 22 levels. Be fast and be accurate because the higher the levels go the meaner the bubbles will get. Get as many points as possible by shooting at the bubbles by pressing the space bar. The bubbles will split into two each time they are shot and will reduce in size until they pop. The higher the levels the bigger the bubbles the bigger the bubbles the meaner the bubbles mean bubbles mean you need to watch out they want to squash you. If you get squashed you lose a life. Arrows will move you left and right, space bar will help you shoot. Go head to head against other players to compete for a high score and to get your name on the high score board.

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