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Title: Zodiac Memory

Description:Zodiac memory is great fun. It tests your memory to the helm. This game is challenging because of three parameters. The zodiac sign cards,The timer,The number of moves in each level.Similar to other memory games, the goal in this game is to remember the zodiac signs behind each card. In each level of the zodiac memory game, you need to turn the cards by clicking on them. Your objective is to click on two zodiac sign cards with the same sign in two back-to-back attempts to remove them in pairs, from the board. If you end up picking two cards with different zodiac signs back-to-back, they will turn back and stay in the game. Your task is to memorize the position of the zodiac sign cards, through the game. If you turn a zodiac sign card, which you have seen in some other position on the board you can pick it up and remove it from the board. The number of cards you need to turn and remove increases with each level in the game. There are two more factors to look for; the number of moves and the timer. The number of moves available in each level gradually increases but is limited and the timer also runs towards 'zero'. You have to eliminate the zodiac sign cards within the given time and the number of moves to progress to the next level.A slightly gothic theme of this game is quite groovy and interesting. Go on and give it a try - thoroughly engaging.

Rating: 3.55 [Rate]

Zodiac Memory

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