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Title: Hidden Number in the City

Description:Although it may seem that the foremost sites that internet users visit are social networking sites, there are also a number of internet users that enjoy free online games. In fact, research reveals that one out of four internet users frequent free online gaming sites, and in total, it amounts to about 200 million internet users from all over the globe. Regardless of the gender, and age, most of these people enjoy online games, like Hidden Number in the City, just for the fun of it. Then again they do not realize that it provides them more for them than what they think. Usually adults enjoy games that necessitate them to search for items, in this case numbers. However, games such as, Hidden Number in the City are enjoyable for kids as well.Additionally, it can even give provide some benefits, because it helps kids learn how to count, while keeping their focus and concentration in finding the numbers disguised as part of the skyscraper photos. All in all, the game consists of five images with the numbers 1 to 14 hidden in it. All that a player has to do is to click on to the numbers on the photo that they see. They can make it more challenging by making sure to find the numbers sequentially and clicking on to them in chronological order. They have to be certain that they click on the numbers precisely and accurately to avoid mistakes, which will end the game. There are only five allowed mistakes before the game comes to an end. Apart from that, having the time run out before all of the numbers have been found will end the game as well. However, for players who want to take their time and keep it slow, they can remove the time clock as they wish. Removing the time is appropriate for children who are in the process of learning how to count, and who are still slow in searching for numbers.

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Hidden Number in the City

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