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Title: Animal Mahjong

Description:Animal Mahjong is a flash based fun game in the lines of classic tile-matching games. Here the player will have a game board of tiles with animal pictures on it. The objective of the game is to match the similar tiles. For the tiles to match, the player has to select two tiles, such that: - The tiles should be having the same animal/flower picture on it. - The tiles should not be blocked by adjacent tiles on either the left or right side. For each match made, the player receives 10 points.The player can also make use of hints to find out the matching tiles, but at the cost of 10 points.Complete all the tiles from the game board to win. The player also receives bonus points for completing the game in the shortest amount of time. The player can also select different layouts for the game board, making the game play more interesting.

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Animal Mahjong

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