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Title: Inca Ball Puzzle

Description:A fun addictive arcade puzzle with 60 challenging levels, can you beat all 60 levels and find the treasure of the lost civilization? Object of this arcade puzzle game is to shoot your ball at the string of moving balls to create a set of 3 or more same colored balls to clear them. Clear all the balls in the level to move to the next level. Use strategy to create combos and chains for extra points at the end of the level, and to clear the level quicker. The quicker you clear the level the more points you get at the end of the level. Catch bonuses to be able to use their power to help clear the level quicker and easier. Strategy and accuracy is the name of the game with this fun puzzle game. Clear the level before the balls reach the skull or you will lose a life.

Rating: 4.63 [Rate]

Inca Ball Puzzle

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