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Title: Alchemy Puzzle

Description:You have been tasked with turning the board gold, to do this you must use the alchemy symbols set before you. Runes can only be played next to either the same color or symbol or both on the board. Some items will help you in your task; Yellow flasks will clear a tile while leaving the tile below it gold. While pink flasks will clear a area 3x3 wide leaving the tiles gold underneath them. A tile with nubs on it will allow you to place any rune next to it. If you fill a line or column it will disappear helping you to clear the board easier. If you donít need a tile then discard it but you must be careful how many you discard into the bowl, too many and the bowl fills and the game ends. Once you have the board turned gold you will advance to the next level.

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Alchemy Puzzle

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