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Title: MahJong Connect

Description: Mahjong Connect is an addictive variation on the classical Mahjongg puzzle. Match the tiles into pairs to clear the board before time runs out to advance to the next level. There are 140 tiles that have been arranged to be matched. Your movements are limited on which tiles you can connect. Players can only connect tiles that are either arranged on the outer ring or touching each other.Matches can also be made if the move can be made within 3 steps, even if they are very close. This game will take logic, strategy and reasoning skills to play and solve. If you want to eliminate a tile that is bordered on each side you will have to eliminate tiles around it first. There are twelve levels to this variation of Mahjong, hurry to solve the puzzle because you are racing against the clock. If you need to pause the game just press the P key.

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MahJong Connect

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