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Title: IQ Test

Description:Ever wondered what your IQ was? Ever taken and IQ test? Wondering what IQ means? IQ means intelligence quotient and this puzzle is taken from the original test. It has 39 logic based questions designed to test your learning capability, memory, innovative thinking, and the ability to simultaneously address several problems. This test minimizes does not have the language, math, and some other parts of the original IQ test but just the puzzle parts such as pattern recognition and visualization, etc. It measures general intelligence not overall intelligence. An overall idea of the IQ test you will be taking is to match up which pattern is next in the group or which shape may be missing from the group. Look at each one carefully to see which one will match and be the correct answer. This game should not be taken as a real IQ test and the score should be looked on with reservations.

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IQ Test

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