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Title: The Genius Test

Description:The Genius Test is similar to an IQ test but with a few differences itís just for fun, it has cute puzzle items in it, and at the end it is just going to tell you how smart you are. Or if you donít make it to the end it tells you how close to smart you are. You try to solve the puzzles by using your brain by clicking on the correct answer or typing your answer into a form built into the game. If you answer incorrectly your test is over and you must start all over again. You start out at level ďDumbĒ and progress forward on the smart meter along the bottom. The more you answer the smarter it registers you being. If you need to stop the game and want to proceed later get your password and enter it in the space provided when you want to continue later. How far can you progress in the test are you dumb or smart?

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The Genius Test

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