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Title: Scoobydoo Pirateship of Fools

Description:Help our loveable pals Scooby and Shaggy through the Pirate Ship of Fools. This interactive game is filled with spooky action and lots of logic based puzzles you will need to help the duo solve. Collect inventory items with your space bar and cycle through them to use them with your “T” key and then to use them press your space bar again. Also watch the scenes for valuable clues to help you solve the episode. Your arrow keys will move the duo around the Ship. Make sure that you keep your fear-o-meter low because if it gets full the game is over and you’re done for. Your fear-o-meter measures the duo’s current fear and certain things will scare them so be careful and mindful in the temple. Keep your cool until the end of the episode and you will progress through each one and solve the mystery and win the game.

Rating: 3.00 [Rate]

Scoobydoo Pirateship of Fools

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