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Title: 50 States Puzzle

Description:How well do you know your geography? Do you know where all the 50 states are in the U.S.? Can you place them in their correct places and if so how quickly can you do so? This puzzle game has you click and drag each 50 state to its correct location on the map; if you miss putting it correctly it shows you and gives you a chance to place it again. It starts you off with Washington and finishes you with Oregon placing every state in-between including Alaska and Hawaii. At the end of the game it tells you the percentage you got correct, how long it took you to solve the puzzle. If you made any mistakes it calculates those errors and averages them as miles as well as telling you how many states you placed correctly out of the 50. Can you place all 50 correctly or do you need to study a bit first?

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50 States Puzzle

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