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Title: Block Mover Puzzle

Description: The object of this clever addictive puzzle game is to group multiple blocks of the same color together to clear the level. This game takes a lot of logic and strategy skill. Use your arrow keys to move the gray block around and use it to push the groups of colors together and solve the level. Use the undo button to undo your previous move if you get stuck. Some levels are trickier and much harder than others. Some levels have more than one answer to them, while others only have one. Can you pass all the levels? Do you have the strategy and logic skills to figure out each level? How many moves will it take you to put all the colors together? There is a move counter at the top of the play screen telling you how many moves you are using, and what level you are on.

Rating: 4.30 [Rate]

Block Mover Puzzle

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