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Title: Bloons Puzzle

Description:This addictive balloon popping fun game will have you occupied for hours. We all know popping balloons is fun. Now you can enjoy 50 levels of balloon popping fun in Bloons Puzzle game. Use your mouse to help your monkey aim your dart and pop the balloons. Hold to choose the power of your dart throw, but donít throw to hard you may miss the balloons. You only have a certain number of darts to throw per level and they donít carry over from level to level. Look out for special balloons and pop them to see what they will do. It will take skill, accuracy and strategy to pass each level. Play in unlimited dart mode for more fun or just for practice in aiming and accuracy. You must pop a certain amount of balloons in each level to pass on to the next level. How many levels of balloon popping fun can you pass?

Rating: 3.94 [Rate]

Bloons Puzzle

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