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Title: Maze Cat

Description:Help two cats meet each other and fall in love by helping them through the labyrinth. Choose a cat and guide them through the labyrinth by clicking on them. Click each square to guide it along the route you wish it to go, make the shortest route possible to the other cat and get a better score. Eat the mice along the way and dodge the red thorns, if you hit the red thorns you will die and the game is over. Each labyrinth is worth 110 points and each step made by your cat is -10 points. Shorten the path you take to each cat and improve your score each level. There are 17 levels in this cute addictive strategic game. You will need your strategy and logic to get through each level and win the game. Can you help the sweet kittens find each other so that they may fall in love?

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Maze Cat

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