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Title: Bloxorz Puzzle

Description:Bloxorz is a fun challenging and addictive puzzle game. You must use strategic thinking to pass the levels here. There are 33 stages packed of fun and challenging puzzles. The goal of each level is to pass your block through the hole at the end of each stage. Moving the block around is simple by using the arrow keys. Donít fall off the edge or the level will restart again. Bridges and switches will be just some of your obstacles in this fun addictive game. However you wonít need to stay resting on a switch to keep a bridge closed. There are two types of switches; Hard and Soft. The soft ones only need a part of your block to open the bridge, but the hard ones need much more pressure to open them. Careful with orange tiles if your block lands on its end vertically it will fall through it and the level will restart.

Rating: 4.11 [Rate]

Bloxorz Puzzle

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