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Title: Idiot Test 4

Description: Are you and idiot? I am sure your saying you are not, most people do. But this game will make you feel like you are. Simply follow the instructions at the top of the game play screen to progress to the next screen. But be careful and don’t be an idiot, what you see and what you think you see, may not be the same and may prove that you are acting like an idiot. Your eyes may see something written one way but in all actuality it is actually saying something totally different. It may look like it says press the green button and then the red but it may be saying press the green button twice and then the red button so take your time and read it carefully. But if you find the game telling you that you are an idiot more than once then as the game instructions say “step away from the computer and cover sharp corners with foam.”

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Idiot Test 4

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