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How to Survive Waiting for Mom in the Grocery Store

Have you ever been stuck counting ceiling tiles while you wait for Mom to finish the grocery shopping? Discover some clever ideas for staying entertained while you wait!

How to Survive Waiting for Mom in the Grocery Store

We are not sure why, but sometimes our mothers find it necessary to take us along with them while they grocery shop. Almost nothing can more depressing that receiving the notice that today is the day to shop for groceries for the entire month! You can give in to the depression and the urge to give up on life, or you can come up with a plan to survive the episode. It is in our human nature to invent ways of coping with unwelcoming situations, and here are a few ideas on how to survive waiting for Mom in the grocery store.

1. Browse the magazine section. Almost every grocery store has one. Most have a nice variety of magazines and soft-cover books to choose from. You can read articles and look at celebrity pictures, and then put the publications back when you are done. This doesn’t take anything from your allowance money, and it makes the time pass quickly!

2. Grab a snack. Many grocery stores have a small section where you can buy fast food. Grab a small French fry or a box of jalapeño poppers, have a seat and chow down. Before you know it, Mom will be calling you to tell you it’s time to go home!

3. Throw your laptop in your backpack. Before you go shopping with Mom, download some free puzzle games from your favorite online game website. You can play these without having an internet connection. Sit on a bench and play puzzle games and brain games while you wait. Don’t forget to charge up the battery!

You are young, with a vivid imagination! Come up with your own ideas to pass the time quickly. Entertainment is the key if you want to have a good time while Mom shops. The worst thing that you can do is not have a plan. So next time you go shopping with Mom, take the offensive and come up with a good survival strategy!

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