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Bubble Shooter- Puzzle game

Bubble Shooter- Puzzle game

Bubble is a fascinating play thing since our childhood. It was so enthralling for us children to make a bubble and then burst it by poking it off. Making use of this fascinating character of bubble, a puzzle has been introduced called Bubble Shooter. This game is categorized as an arcade video game. It is easy to achieve a comfortable relation with the environment of this game. Here, you will get rows of colored bubbles. You have to make these bubbles disappear from the rows by throwing a same color bubble before they reach the bottom of the play field. As soon as three or more same color bubble comes together they will disappear from your screen. There are two kinds of bubble shooter game.

Original Bubble Shooter:
Bubble shooter game was originally developed by Microsoft windows. Bubble Shooter is a simple but interesting game, in which one should have a strategy to complete a level quickly.

By shooting the target, you will solve the Puzzle. Therefore, this game is a mix of a puzzle,a shooting game, a strategy and an Action game.

Bubble Shooter Deluxe:
This updated version is released in the year of 2004. This was done for Windows, Mac, Linux,
Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Symbian platforms. Here, we can have a facility to change the setting of the game and customize it according to our need. The playing field of this game is at least half filled with the multicolored bubbles on a pale background. The 2D interface of the game gives an effect of a pseudo-3D effect.

You may think on the outset that completing a level in Bubble shooter is a childís play. However, with each level, the challenge to solve a puzzle within a given time becomes increasingly difficult. There is not only the time factor which will arise as a challenge; you will face the speed with which the bubbles keep filling up the space quite challenging. Sometimes you may feel itís very frustrating to solve a puzzle and may have to restart the game to achieve the higher level. As a result you have to be more careful and tricky in the later stages. During this game the bubbles can change their size, they may wave, shake and explode making the puzzle more thrilling and exciting.

Now-a-days, many game developers are coming up with various innovative versions of this game to make it more interesting. They are doing this by applying the variation on themes. So, a player will get this old game in a new and updated version. Some Bubble Shooter game versions may deploy underwater theme. Some may present you in a jungle, wherein the

bubbles are in a form of fruits. You will have some pets, as triumph cards, whose energy will help you to solve the puzzle. When you pass a level, collect some fruits and feed your pets to grow up. Some games may have the spinning bubble. Here you will hit a bubble and they will spin around. Some themes are based upon countries such as USA. This game is named Discover USA. In discover USA, first of all you have to shoot the bubbles coming on the play-field and make the field clear. Then two identical pictures will be displayed in front of you, you have to point out the difference and finally complete the scene after swapping the image. Similarly, in Obama bubble shooting Obama and Hillary are fighting to collect the votes from coast to coast. You play the role of Obama and have to collect more bubble then Hillary to win the presidential election. So here is your chance to dive into the fascinating world of bubbles. Keep shooting and keep winning!

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