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Make your own jigsaw puzzle game

Make your own jigsaw puzzle game

Many people living all over the world loves to play games. There is no kid in the world who doesn’t love to play game. Playing games is not only popular among children it is very popular among all people of all ages. Most of the people love to play to keep themselves away from tension and stress. Playing games is very popular it also increases the brain power of a person. In this article we are going to discuss about the art of making your own jigsaw puzzle game.


A jigsaw is a popular puzzle game which is very popular among the game players all over the world. a jigsaw puzzle game is an very interesting game, in which we have to reassemble the pictures which are being cut in to small interlocking pieces. I am very sure that most of the people all over the world would have played this very special and interesting game. But those who are being playing this game and have played this kind of game, have not tried of making this game in their life. So if any one wants to know how to make your own jigsaw puzzle game in an very simple an very exciting way, then keep reading this very interesting article listed in detail below.

A jigsaw is puzzle game in which pictures are cut into small pieces and one who is playing that game should try to reassemble the small cut pieces into a complete picture to win the game. The pictures we cut may include scenes like nature, mountains, castles, actress, animal, bird etc. Originally the jigsaw game was created on rectangular wooden piece by painting the picture on the wooden piece. Nowadays we can make our own jigsaw puzzle game in papers, cardboards and mats. Making the puzzle game by our own is really a fun and a great experience for one to have creative thinking by his own.

How to make your jigsaw puzzle game:

Here are some easy steps listed below for making your own jigsaw puzzle game.

Step 1: Select the image

First step is you have to select the image in which you have to display the finished puzzle. You can select any type of image. But all you have to do is make sure that the image is not very thick and very fuzzy around the edges of image. Step 2: Choose the material

For backing the puzzle you can choose material like cardboard or wood which would be very good option for you. Step 3: Mount the image

The third step is you have to mount the image on to the backing of the board. Step 4: Cut the image in to pieces

The most important part in the art of making jigsaw puzzle game is cutting the picture or image into small pieces. Step 5: Assemble the pieces together

After cutting the entire image you have to assemble pictures together to make sure it fits properly. Conclusion:

I am sure that you will be having a fair idea on making the jigsaw puzzle game.

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