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All of a puzzle

All of a puzzle

I play a lot of video games across a lot of different platforms, and increasingly games take up a lot of all of our times. A recent study done in Norway said that people over 60 played as many hours a day of games as the under 25s - which shows the changing nature of times I suppose! I have a wide taste in games, I play first person shooters a bit, enjoy Role playing games and 'adventure games' - I'm not particularly into sports simulation style themes but have been known to play the occasional party game (like various Karaoke games). A lot of these experiences are quite intense. They require a specific form of concentration and engagement. I have to pay attention to the game for significant periods of time and also requires a level of 'twitch reflex' which I simply do not have, which often ends with me quitting in frustration.

This is quite the opposite when I play various puzzle games, which is something I am becoming increasingly addicted to.
There are many features of puzzle games that I enjoy which I will go into some detail about here, but it does vary from person to person and I would urge you to try a variety of games to see what you enjoy.
That leads me nicely into my first point - some people when they think of puzzle games think only of Sudoku or a crossword. Undoubtedly these are puzzle games, but that is far from the limit of such games. If you have a look on various puzzle game sites (sites such as you can find a plethora of different styles of game and I am sure that there will be ones that suit you.

One of the things that appeals to me the most about these sorts of online puzzle gamesand websites is that you can play a whole variety, often for free, of games, you can try out different things and see what you like and then find similar games to that - often many versions. They also and this is key in a busy lifestyle, don't take up huge amounts of time. A little like mobile / social games they fall into the 'elevator' bracket - they are something to do in between tasks I am doing to take my mind off things or to relax me.

Rather than in the frenetic action games I play on a console I can take them at my own pace and feel like I have still achieved something, have still done something fulfilling and because they tend to involve my brain a little more actively than a more traditional adventure title I feel like I have gained something.
They also vary a great deal in difficulty level - I can always find something to keep me occupied and challenged and don't have any settings to adjust or accounts to set up. I also find that the range of games keeps changing and so I can usually find a puzzle game I haven't tried before or one that is new to my experience.

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If you want to have a little fun, why not try solving online puzzle games? Usually, they are free and only some of them require Flash.We start solving puzzles as kids and as grownups, we are only more fascinated by them. Well, no wonder life itself is a huge puzzle that keeps puzzling us time and again, but nonetheless, these puzzles are amazing to solve and they keep us moving. There are several kinds of puzzle games you can play online, such as:
At schools, kids are introduced to word puzzles like scrabble or like Quote Slide, Hangman or any other. The benefit of playing word puzzles is that these puzzles are amazing to solve and they keep us moving.
how about a weekend over a cup of coffee and a game of Sudoku? The Net is full of math puzzles, such as Sudoku puzzles and KenKen puzzles.
Jigsaw puzzles:Equally popular in this genre are online jigsaw puzzles. Just choose the number of pieces with which you want to play and drag them with your mouse to complete the picture.
Kids also solve online puzzle games because they find them entertaining. Puzzles are made to entertain kids from age of 1 to 100. Yes that is right! So are you find that childish anxiety creeping back into your soul when you try hard to figure a puzzle out? Or you rejoice like a child when a puzzle is solved? Of course, we all do!
From mathematical puzzles to word puzzles, from picture puzzles to physics puzzles, puzzles come in all shapes, sizes and colors to puzzle you. There are many popular puzzle games like Bubble Shooter,Connect 2 game,Bomboozle and other.
So, if you are a busy parent with little time for your kid, put him on to an online puzzle games portal, just click any link and be ready to accept a challenge and play the numerous puzzle games that await you on our website. Can you solve the puzzle? Not only will his success make him happy, but you too.
Perhaps, in time, you too might like to join him in his online exploratory ventures?